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Exploring remote worlds  


 Most of us dream about travelling the world. But what exactly is it, that fascinates us about exotic places, foreign cultures and people? Is it that we immerse in a completely different way of life that makes us forget the daily routine? Is it the different climate? Or the warming sun and the salty sea breeze, extraordinary nature, the ocean? Or is it about the people who seemed more balanced and peaceful than in our home town?

I tried to answer that question many times. I guess it has a lot to do with our dreams to escape from a sometimes stressful life. With the wish to experience something new or that we humans always quest for happiness. Searching for answers and peace of mind.


Whatever moves each one of us, the thought of an upcoming journey leads us with a relaxed mind through a hectic day and conjures a smile on our faces. The thrill of anticipation is palpable for everyone near us. At least that's what I experience about an upcoming trip - and I enjoy the rising glee in me.


When the trip to the airport is due, I can hardly restrain my enthusiasm. The airport has always been an exciting place for me. Sometimes a place I even visit, if I don't travel at all. He pokes my travel fire, gives me that special feeling of happiness and it shortens the long wait until the next flight. It's like having butterflies in my stomach.


For this reason I want to provide a platform for all enthusiastic travellers. My aspiration is to share my travel experiences with all of you as well as my photography. It is my wish to show you places and Hotels I love to create unforgettable memories. 


May you always have safe travels!